Not that I'm all superficiality, but material things do count

Dear sisters, parents, boyfriend, and friends: It's almost my birthday!!! Woohooheeheee.

The mandatory annual wishlist:

Book Wish List
1. In general I'd be happy if anybody gives me Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Women'sHealthMag (Available at all leading book stores)
2. Allure and Marie Claire magazine are nice too
3. Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of the Champions also seem interesting
4. I'm in an age of self-discovery and internal drama, I love Bo Sanchez
5. I just really need a good book to launch me into Good Writing mode

Places to go and things to do Wish List
1. Please go to Bikram Yoga with me girls, I really need support T_T
2. You can throw in Bikram Yoga or Echo Yoga package with that if you wanna, so you can save me some cash, y'all.
2.5. Yeah, I'm abstaining form yoga for a month because I spent it all in HK, and I just miss all the inhuman stretching so much.
3. Just give me a free Saturday without work and I'm all good
4. Twister Fries
5. Yellow Cab
6. Tong Yang
7. Cyma <3

Good ol' Cosmetic Wish List
1. MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl
2. Benefit Cream Eye Shadow in Samba-dy loves me
3. NYX Cream Blush(es) in Glow, Rose Petal, and Natural
4. Stila bronzer in Shade 01
5. Body Shop Highlighter
6. NYX round-lippy in Tea Rose, Black Cherry, and Frappucino

Apparel and Accessories
1. A demure necklace
2. I really need a big bag, all my bags are washed up from the early August flood. Huhu.
3. Personally, a sturdy nude pair of pumps, (3inches, not too high that I'll break an ankle, and not too low that I'm jologs) is always welcome

WELL, you know what. Whatever. Throw me anything. I'll still flash a winning smile and be all hearts that you even thought of me <3

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  1. I'll Bikram Yoga with youuuuu. And put myself to shame.