Oohh positive vibes in general

I actually had a personal project recently where I write down 10 things that I'm thankful for everyday. This is in line with a book I haven't even read. (Byrne's The Magic)

So in no particular order, for my life in general, here are what I'm thankful for.

1. For a the perfect parents who are eternal loving and gracious
2. For my pleasant sisters who never fail to warm my heart
3. For a boyfriend who loves me and respects me and never ceases loving me despite my crazy times
4. For my friends who has the best words and the time to spend growing with me
5. For ate neng and the others before who has kept this household peaceful and loved us despite not being family by blood
6. For ginny, luna, phil, and bubbles.. for being fluffy sources of sunshine, no matter the weather, especially in times when my family's heart hurts of loss
7. For my office mates who remain laidback even when tides are high and the energy is low
8. For yoga for healing me. For sleep.
9. For lolo and lola have been dedicated to us girls
10. For myself for finding the drive to thrive and improve
11. For God.

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