things i think of on sunday


Makes me think every actual human being I know is bloated.


I feeel so good at saving money these days... like "I'm on the right track" kind of feeling.

(P.S. Sorry harddrive, I'm not buying you until next month)


Finally paid for my maccimac.com and my mom's website again. No no no no, I'm not abandoning you blogspot. Or I dont know.


Talking Shmalking

It's 1am and therefore time to panic that I'm not asleep yet.

I just added every living soul I know in Instagram. But now that I've done it I'm suddenly all conscious: "ugh, it's pretty much like I've invited them to look at the photos I take an realize that I just look party... but nooo, I only have images of dogs and bags to show off."


 So huh. Fugly blog, eh? This is what happens when you don't have anyone to impress. A two word text header (which isnt even fairly creative)... way below what people would expect from a forever blogger as yourself. Plus an advertising arts major.

Okay, so I actually have a job ladies and gentlemen. And as much as I want to whip up a fancy shmancy collage of the beautiful things happening in my life, I'm doing a collage of why you should buy my company's products.

(Nope. Still not disclosing company name.)

In betweener

Thanks 8tracks.com


I would like to

I would love to fix this blog and blog selfishly again. Like how pretty the bag(s) I bought awhile ago was, how I need to attend yoga class tomorrow because I missed it for a week (maybe two), and how I've been reading nonfiction for months now.

I would like to blog about how everyones blogs have evolved into faintly relate-able blogs because we are all no longer in college and we lead different lives now. It's still very interesting, mind you, because its striking how different our realities are, but all so trivial and mundane. I've been very conscious about blogging because I did not want to bore people. I would put so much effort in avoiding the word "I".

(Oh and also I've discovered Instagram and was turned dependent. So long too whatever Photography skills I've acquired in college.)

I would like to blog about growing up... or the not growing up. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, but I'm also sure that other people are not suffering a slight stunt in their growths.

I would like to discuss feelings, being the girl that I am, but I won't divulge because I respect my boyfriend and I know he loves his privacy. Maybe I'll tell you where we had lunch, yeah?

I would really really love to make a mood board. Miss Weng, an officemate asked for a photo of a local celebrity to put in hers (she wanted to lose weight as successfully as the celebrity did) and it reminded me of how relieving and inspiring and pretty much pleasant moodboards are. I'm recently attached to my tablet these days, I'd love to turn it into my wallpaper.

I'd love to tell you how much I love people. Most people. People relieve me, really. I'm happy really that I am fond of people instead of afraid of them... I'm sure a lot of people avoid crowds. When I was little I was actually shy (could you effing believe that?), but I actually was. Well more than shy, I was uhhh mean. I was people incompetent. I'd get in more fights than in alliances. Alliances were important and natural for children, but I remember struggling with that. Until the recent years, I'd find myself clashing with personalities

I love being alone and unconscious of how people would perceive me. Anonimity is a blessing. But also love company, I love dinners and lunches and coffee and pretty much just hearing what anyone has to say. It drives me away from my thoughts, I guess. Arent we ALL afraid of our own thoughts.

And as my ex-interns would say, I tend to be uhh existential. Pf.


Energy attracts energy.
One little energizing thing leads to the next enrgizing thing and so on.

Okay I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about and you don't half as much as care. I'm just reminding myself.

I have so many things on my to-do list, that does not have anything to do with work. Everyone always wonders, where does the time go?



Thanks girls.


Bagong download

Instagramming EVERYTHING. sooo happily noobly.


What you think about, you bring about

“I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is vengeful, fearful, envious, resentful, deceitful. The other wolf is loving, compassionate, generous, truthful, and serene.” The grandson asks which wolf will win the fight. The grandfather answers, “The one I feed.”


Rant random

My room is so messy :( it makes me feel so absolutely irresponsible and totally unladylike.

And my tooth hurts.

On another note, i have instagram now. Yipeee