Talking Shmalking

It's 1am and therefore time to panic that I'm not asleep yet.

I just added every living soul I know in Instagram. But now that I've done it I'm suddenly all conscious: "ugh, it's pretty much like I've invited them to look at the photos I take an realize that I just look party... but nooo, I only have images of dogs and bags to show off."


 So huh. Fugly blog, eh? This is what happens when you don't have anyone to impress. A two word text header (which isnt even fairly creative)... way below what people would expect from a forever blogger as yourself. Plus an advertising arts major.

Okay, so I actually have a job ladies and gentlemen. And as much as I want to whip up a fancy shmancy collage of the beautiful things happening in my life, I'm doing a collage of why you should buy my company's products.

(Nope. Still not disclosing company name.)

1 comment:

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