In Praise of the Boyfriend

He's a 39 year old stuck in a 24 year old's body.

Despite all the horrendous things I'd very often think of him through out the day, he will always prove himself a very wonderful boyfriend within 24 hours. And half-prove I'm a psycho.

He has one of the best self-control I've seen. He is a very solitary person... if you leave him alone for a stretch of time, he'd have no problem finding something to do and it will not bother him.

He sleeps like a log... like a very vine-y log, all his limbs wrapping you up and there's no space for breathing.

He takes his work very seriously. Very.

And then there's the football which always turn him into a smiling boy.

He doesn't know how to deal with my crazy side, but keeps me anyway.


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  2. Curioso, muy curioso...
    Es algo sobre doble personalidad? Si no lo es...lo parece.
    Saludos al blog!!!